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Buy aluminium strip 50mm

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2020-03-24 15:26

To purchase high quality aluminium strip 50mm, Haomei is your best choice, the thickness could be 0.02-4mm, which has wide application. We all know that the metal is easy to be oxidized, which has been a headache in the application of metal industry. Especially in the three metals of iron, aluminum and copper, which are commonly used by us, many users of aluminium strip do not know how to deal with this situation. Today we will talk about how to prevent the oxidation of 50mm aluminum strip.

aluminium strip 50mm

The first is to catch the source of moister. After the production of aluminum strip, let the aluminum strip cool down to the external temperature, and then pack the aluminium strip product. The best way is to use plastic bags to take the whole aluminum strip coil. All packages are tight. After packing, put several bags of desiccant into them.
Second, try to avoid rainy weather during transportation. If it rains, the aluminium strip 50mm should be covered with tarpaulins to prevent rain from entering.
The third point: after the aluminum strip are unloaded, go to the aluminum strip distributors or customers, and remember that the warehouse must be well ventilated, with high terrain, and the ceiling shall not leak, and the sewer shall be kept open to prevent heavy rain and heavy rain.
The fourth point: in the use process, if the package is disassembled, the aluminium strip 50mm can be used once, and the package must be reapplied, but in the middle of the interval, there is usually no problem.

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