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Aluminium strip for face mask 1060 3003

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2020-04-10 17:04

Haomei produce aluminium strip for face mask 1060, 3003, 1050 in line with international standards. The face mask aluminum strip has application of KN95, N95, N100, R95, P95, 9000, FFP2, FFP3 and other masks.

The specification of aluminum strip for face mask are:
Material: 1060,1050 pure aluminum and 3003 aluminum
Temper: O(soft)
Thickness: 0.4 -0.5mm
Width: 90-100mm
Scope of application: disposable masks, non-woven masks, plane masks
Features: Environmental protection, the shaping effect is good, it can effectively fit the mask and facial skin, can effectively block dust, smoke, influenza virus, etc., and fully exert the function of the mask.

aluminium strip for face mask

The material of the aluminum strip for masks is different from that of ordinary aluminum strip alloy products. The differences of the aluminium strip for masks are: anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high brightness, the surface holes of the aluminum strip are evenly penetrated, the straightness is good, and there is no deformation, stable size, high strength, good toughness, continuous bending with bending equipment, excellent adhesion with various types of adhesive, excellent sealing effect, not easy to leak, long service life.

The quality features of Haomei aluminium strip for face mask are smooth surface, no burrs, smooth ellipse angle, easy to bend and other characteristics, can be perfectly welded with non-woven materials and environmental protection materials. It can make it in close contact with the corresponding parts of the wearer's face, and can effectively block dust, smoke, influenza virus and so on.

This aluminum strips for face mask product conforms to EU international standards, environmental protection certification, good shaping effect, moderate hardness, suitable for common mask types such as medical masks, dust masks, civilian disposable masks, non-woven masks, and can be used for other items to play the role of shaping . The large-scale CNC stamping process has the characteristics of smooth surface, rounded corners, etc. It does not hurt hands, hang burrs, or pull the material of the mask body, is easy to bend and form, has excellent buckling force, and does not rebound due to external force.

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