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Aluminum Strip For Cable Shielding

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2021-10-28 15:39

Aluminum strip for cable shielding 1060 and 1070 O soft temper is used to protect cable from signal interference around. In terms of aluminum alloy cables, various cable brands are emerging in an endless stream, causing many small and medium-sized cable companies to rely on the development ideas of low prices, sales, and low profits to survive. However, for the cable industry, we hope and need more well-known large-scale enterprises, relying on the cable enterprise's own technology, quality and service, play an important role in the fierce market competition and occupy a place.


aluminum strip for cable shielding

In 1968, people discovered that the application of aluminum strips for cable shielding in cables has reliable safety. The cable aluminum strip is longitudinally formed to wrap the cable core, overlap a certain width, and merge at the overlap to prevent water vapor from entering the cable core laterally, while ensuring longitudinal electrical conduction. Setting the longitudinally wrapped aluminum strip for cable layer in the cable core of the optical cable can improve the compression and impact resistance and waterproof performance of the optical cable, and it has been widely used. The longitudinally wrapped cable aluminum strips layer is made by forming molds during the processing of the optical cable. The longitudinally wrapped cable aluminum strips forming mold includes two parts: the longitudinal wrapping mold and the sizing mold. The cable aluminum strip is bent and wrapped into a shape. In the production process, the processing and forming effect of the wide cable aluminum strip with embossing is better.

At present, aluminum strip for cable shielding and transformer winding have been widely used in various fields, and have been unanimously affirmed and recommended by international power designers in terms of safety performance and convenient laying, thus occupying a leading position in the power market.

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