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Aluminum Strip for Nose Clip of Face Mask

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2021-09-16 16:57

The material of aluminum strip for nose clip of face mask is different from the material of ordinary aluminum alloy products. The difference between the special aluminum strip for nose bridge of face masks is anti-rust, anti-corrosion and high brightness. The surface of the nose clip aluminum strip has uniform penetration, good straightness, no deformation, size stable, high strength, good toughness, can be continuously bent with bending equipment, excellent adhesion with various glues, excellent sealing effect, not easy to leak and long service life.


aluminum strip for nose clip of face mask
The aluminum strip for nose clip of face mask is mainly used in N95 and KN95 masks, most of which are used for export. During the export process, ocean transportation, the temperature of the container goes up to 68℃, so this aluminum strip for nose bridge must consider a certain degree of heat resistance. The softening point of the hot melt adhesive must be set higher than this high temperature (note that it is not the melting point). Only when the tension of the bridge of the nose is designed to be insufficient to open the bonded non-woven fabric under high temperature conditions can the export quality of the product be guaranteed.
The surface energy dyne value of the aluminum strip for face mask is more than 36, the higher the adhesion, the more ideal it is. Originally, the surface of the aluminum strip substrate is oily. If the substrate is directly coated with glue without cleaning, how to control the risk. However, the performance of glue coating after drawing oxidation is even better. 90 degree peeling adhesive viscosity (g/25MM), test method: JIS-Z-0237; peeling value of aluminum plate and adhesive≥1380.
For the slitting process of aluminum strip for nose clip of face mask, the stamping die and the coating surface must not be contaminated by oil stains, otherwise it will have a profound impact on the bonding.

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