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Anodized Aluminium Strip Suppliers

Author: Nydia View: Time: 2021-08-12 17:55

As one of top level anodized aluminium strip suppliers, Haomei Aluminum offer sincere service and good quality. Aluminum strip is very sensitive to acidic substances. It will destroy the surface assembly layer of aluminum strip when it encounters acid. Then we need to go through oxidation treatment again to add a protective film on the surface to enhance the corrosion resistance of the surface. Aluminum strip material after the surface anodized, its corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, insulation, heat resistance, etc. have been greatly improved.


anodized aluminium strip suppliers

The production range of anodized aluminium strip suppliers are:
1, Available width: 50-1350mm
2, Available length: coil length
3, Available thickness: 0.2-2.0mm
4, The thickness of the oxide film that can be produced: 2-10 microns
5, Scope of application: led aluminum substrates, aluminum-based copper clad laminates, embossed aluminum coils for refrigerators and freezers, embossed aluminum coils for refrigeration equipment, LED power shells, automotive photography, electrical accessories, and electronic lighting.
6, Colors that can be produced: professional anodized aluminum strip is oxidized in its natural color, not with color
7, Can produce alloy grades: 1050 1060 1100 1200 3003 5052 5A02

Although pure aluminum has good corrosion resistance, it has poor mechanical strength, which restricts the application of aluminum to a certain extent. Therefore, anodized aluminium strip suppliers add appropriate amounts of magnesium, copper, zinc and other metals to aluminum to make various types of aluminum. Alloy, aluminum alloy has high mechanical strength, which greatly improves the mechanical strength of aluminum and greatly expands its application range. Although aluminum alloy has high mechanical strength, its corrosion resistance is worse than pure aluminum, so it may be corroded due to oxidation. This requires oxidation to protect the aluminum strip. Aluminum alloy has been widely used in building doors, windows, curtain walls and other products for many years because of its small specific gravity, easy processing, and high mechanical strength. After surface oxidation treatment, the anodized aluminum strip has many advantages such as high corrosion resistance, diversified colors, and good surface texture.

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